At Hiroo Safety Comes First

We always put the safety and health of all children as our top priority.  

Our evacuation plan in case of emergencies is practiced once a month to ensure our staff and children all know what to do.  We are one minute walk from an evacuation center at the Sacred Heart School.  We always have an onsite staff member who is trained in CPR as well.  

At school we have a top of the line water purifier to clean out any contaminants that may get into the water supply. 

We buy quality ingredients and have home made meals prepared daily for lunch time for the children.

Safety First

Soleil International School Hiroo Preschool&Afterschool

​ソレイユインターナショナルスクール プリスクール&アフタースクール

2-17-21, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku (東京都渋谷区広尾2-17-21)

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